Brian Morton

Brian Morton, MBA

Managing Partner, Practice Operations and Support


Brian Morton is the practice optimization answer man. He has both strategic and tactical experience in fully utilizing sophisticated practice management and EHR technology, while simultaneously developing training programs and workflows for the people who will use it. Brian knows how to thread the needle, aligning divergent stakeholders into a cohesive team, capable of transforming an individual practice or provider network numbering in the thousands.

Brian brings to his role as co-founder of Arete Provider Network, more than 20 years experience, most recently as Vice President of Optimization for Ascension Medical Group.

Prior to joining the Ascension team, Brian served as Vice President at Clinovations/Advisory Board, a healthcare technology and management consultancy specializing in the areas of implementation strategy, optimization, population health management, and operational and financial efficiencies. Brian earned his MBA in Business from Franklin University.