People are more than the sum of their symptoms. The paradigm shift in healthcare today focuses on the whole person.

About time, right?

Optimal health is not only what’s best for people, but it also helps everybody’s bottom line — provider and patient alike. The providers and healthcare innovators at Arete Provider Network have the desire and experience to expertly navigate value-based care. Quality over quantity takes on a whole new meaning when payment for services is based on efficiency and effectiveness.

Right time, right place, right care.


Talk is cheap.

Patient-centered care has become a catch phrase, but Arete Provider Network is where the rhetoric meets reality. We offer a culture in which meaningful relationships flourish between providers and patients. We focus on the whole person and the social, economic and behavioral factors that can impact that person’s health.

These determinants are made more transparent because the entire care team works from the same platform and dynamic, shared care plan. This ensures continuity of care and promotes higher patient engagement—key benchmarks in value-based reimbursement.

At the end of the day, or by the end of the visit, Arete’s providers have the assurance of knowing they can always do the right thing for their patients. That’s healthcare that really means something.


It’s an expectation.

We trust providers to be excellent in what they do but they need the freedom to focus on us as the patient, relieved of the distraction of burdensome administrative details. Arete Provider Network fosters an environment in which doctors can be doctors, working alongside clinicians who come to work each day eager to deliver excellent care. Our leadership team is well-versed in initiatives to improve quality and capture value-based incentives so that nothing is left on the table.

High-quality, low-cost, optimal outcomes. How excellent!


Arete Provider Network is a growing organization of providers with an initial concentration in Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Ob/Gyn. These practice areas are foundational to any successful population health effort.

But to treat them is to know them. Arete is committed to not only aggregating and analyzing patient data, but acting on that system intelligence as well, by creating actionable patient records and care plans.  Reaching out to patients, uncovering gaps in care and filling them – these are the ways in which patients and practices benefit – improving outcomes, first and foremost, and optimizing efficiency and revenue along the way.

Right place, at the right time for the right care —that’s the essence of care coordination.

It also helps facilitate appropriate delivery of health care services and reduces unnecessary duplication. Arete Provider Network leverages Medical Home, Specialty Care, and Case Management initiatives into its overall approach to Coordinated Care.  This leads to higher quality care at a lower cost, with less stress and inconvenience to the patient and the potential for increased performance incentives for providers.

Active involvement by the patient in their care plan dramatically increases the likelihood of optimal outcomes. Arete provides every opportunity and technological tool available to empower patients to engage in their care. Increased access, online patient information, extending care through telemedicine and patient satisfaction surveys—this is how Arete providers demonstrate respect for their equal partner in the healthcare journey, the patient.

Arete Provider Network’s end-to-end MSO offerings mean that providers can remain centered on the patient, while we focus on the support structure to help them succeed. Whether it’s human resources, IT infrastructure or keeping an eye on the supply cabinet, Arete’s approach to managed care unburdens the clinician from operational details that take time away from what should be the focal point of their practice —the person in the exam room.